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    Jay Wasco- Swiss Army Bass, Vocals, Feedback. (The Swiss Army Bass: Simultaneous bass guitar and keyboards)

Nick Dicorato- Drums

Mark Huchins- The Octapussy, Percussion, drums & Backing Vocals. (The Octapussy is a home grown  sample trigger device made






































of destroyed drum hardware & vacuum hose)All songs written by Jay Wasco except "I Am The Walrus" - Lennon/McCartney "Death Of A Cynic" Wasco/Patterson "Bottle" Wasco/DiCorato.

Produced, mixed & engineered by Jay and Mark.. Additional Engineering by Ray Martin. Recorded at Shelter Island Sound, Hermit Village and Excello in NYC Circa 95/96. Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino, assisted by Jack Douglas and Steve Addabbo. Some tracks reanimated, re-cut, re-mixed re-tweaked and Enhanced in post by JW (this LP truly is "Stuffed And Motorized") CD Cover art and design by JW. Raw sculpture photo (tray) as well as group "Dudes" shot to by Michael Halsband . Executive Producer: Ron Fierstein.

 In loving  memory of Nick DiCorato

This LP was slated to be released by TAG/Atlantic Records back in the fall/winter of 96/97, but was shelved due to the merger of Time/ Warner & Ted Turner & the subsequent elimination of TAG as an Atlantic imprint. ............. and numerous other issues ....here it is bigger and better