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 The Rage    - Swiss Army Bass Copyright 2014 Jay Wasco - Swiss Army Bass/ vocals - Performed live/real time (including drums) . All sounds (drums, feedback/weasel/chud chunks /guitarishness fracked crafted played, triggered/provoked in real time -- (hh click)
  "Hang On To Yourself"   - David Bowie cover - Jay Wasco/Swiss Army Bass- "Live" studio rendition -sounds /samps created by JW



Fall 2016  Fractal Harp (mark 2) "Elegant City"  The new Fractal Harp is awesome - more info here




















"Heart Of Gold"  (new (re)mixed version 2016






"Lead"  remixed 2017 Swiss  Army Bass version  / live, in the studio version 

Audio download available on here on Bandcamp

This is an alternate  "live" version from of "Lead"  from the LP Blood Lead -

Check out how different it is from the studio version  




f The Factal Harp    
  "Fractal Harp Sonata"

The Fractal Harp TM is  another  instrument I;ve dreamt up and expanded on .It's built and a logical progression from its predecessor The Egotar (Egotar videos below) The Harp , features a central pivoting  slide that rests atop it's 24 strings and travels through 27 flexibly chromatic  increments offering over two octaves of notes for each position. ...(well duhh). The notes are laid out as a pentatonic harp but can be addressed in limitless ways as an electric/acoustic guitar.
The instrument also has a group of strings that
function as a rudimentary pedal steel guitar (similar to the
Egotar) Sing
le or two-handed play allow for the simultaneous
manipulation of other instruments and effects 
The simplicity of it's design is remarkable when weighed with the range of expression possible.



The EGOTAR    "Levon" & "Rocket Man"
The Egotar is a combination bass/ pedal steel guitar I first got the idea to create, living in NYC back in the mid 90's. Frustrated with the shortcomings  of midi keyboard element of the Swiss Army Bass, (emulating slide guitar parts & sounds with keyboards is a real bitch), I got thinking  ,..."why not commit a truly authentic act of self indulgence?". At that, I set out to build the a prototype. The original rig was really clunky but sounded great from the start. I  managed to toss it on the back of a cart and go play in the subway and made a living for a summer when my band was on the rocks and my studio slow.

My approach to the instrument has been to find the discipline & challenge to play numerous covers with multiple chord changes in order to become more proficient player as opposed to the improvisational -"shooting fish in a barrel" - tripped out dreamscapes that comes so natural to the instrument.  I particularly enjoy playing old Elton John tunes on the Egotar because of the wonderful chord inversions and familiarity to the listener ... and yes... they're great songs 



"Lockjaw".   Johnny Skilsaw is my band that's had many incarnations of great friends / cool dudes - with different lineups and levels of success at freaking out audiences over the years -- seen here With Nick Dicorato on drums & Mark Hutchins on percussion,  performing a happy little tune from the Stuffed & Motorized LP ... no ducks were harmed during  making of this video..........



  Be All - End All Rig

"The Wind Cries Mary "  cover of the 1967 classic Jimi Hendrix classic -performed on the "Be All - End All Rig" the latest stop on my journey to find new ways to create and improvise fully realized music in real time. The rig includes   elements of the Swiss Army Bass the Egotar & the Fractal Harp-- with various electronic percussion thangs  taking root. - Some recent innovations include drums triggered by a guitar pick system I'm developing  ..  as well as drums performed across the ranges of the both  keyboards as well as percussion pads --....also,  a system of multi tiered triggers above and below each keyboard. I've come up with an anti feedback vocal gate system that is controlled by foot enabling hand free reverb rides for the headset vocal mic  . ,,,,,,ya dig?


   "Effortlessly" -one of my own tunes  ....... -- after playing with some great drummers through the years as well as being a consummate drum enthusiast/ programmer (I've concocted countless insane drum programs  for many a project including these for Foetus ) I finally went about getting  a drum set and figuring out how to get my  neighbors  to hate me even more . I managed to lay drums down for this - This video is done as close to "live" as I could get ,done in two continuous recording passes  ...until I figure out time travel at which point, I will promptly  go back to the 90s and beat the shit out of myself.  


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