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All the Impossible
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All the Impossible

  I drift my doppelganger to her side  
  Drifting seamlessly on off into her case  
  All the impossiblee  
  I turn invisible and stretch myself across the city through her door  
  Through the entourage of swans and red herring  
  All the impossible  
  I see her shifting in her sleep as I come swoop down low  
  The dreams come bubbling from her head creating figure eights of gold  
  The door swings open, time to sober up, her husbandís home, I think I hear her baby crying  
  Gonna have to pave my own way, back to sleep  
  All the Impossible  


Copyright 2004 Jay Wasco




   From the Johnny Skilsaw
       Stuffed &Motorized Lp
        Written by Jay Wasco   Copyright 2004
      Jay Wasco - All Vocals & Instruments
       Recorded circa 1996 at Hermit Village, Henry St. NYC & winter 2002 at The Cottage in Easton CT
  Engineered & mixed by JW
















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All The Impossible   (single)
Stuffed and Motorized (full LP) 
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