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                 MIDNIGHT DRAGON
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  From the  
  Johnny Skilsaw  
  Motorized Lp  
  Written by Jay Wasco   Copyright 2004  
  Jay Wasco - Swiss Army Bass, vocals, feedback & guitar  
  Nick Dicorato - Drums  
  Mark Hutchins - Octapussy, vocals  

Recorded circa 95 at Excello (in Brooklyn) Shelter Island, and Hermit Village, Henry St. NYC 

Messed with even more at The Cottage in Easton CT

  Engineered by Ray Martin, Mark Hutchins & Jay Wasco   


  Midnight Dragon    
  Midnight Dragon staggering far and wide    
  Side to side    
  End of the wagon ride    
  Cutting it up into hundreds of thousands    
  Of tiny pieces of green' pieces of red    
  Pieces of gold    
  Sold for a dollar fifty-nine    
  To the fuzzy handsome couple with the swollen brains    
  Remains will be sprinkled out the driver's side window of a speeding El Camino in the left lane    
  Just kiss it away    
  I fucked it up    
  I spun out    
  Pour the concrete in my mouth    
  Ship me out of here    
  There's a special reserve    
  For autistic, Cycloptic psychotic mystics    
  And runners up in the Special Olympics    
  Ode to be oblivious to what you want from me now    
  Copyright 2004 Jay Wasco

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Midnight Dragon  (single)
Stuffed and Motorized (full LP) 
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