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Motorized LP

Written by Jay Wasco

Copyright 2004                            

Jay Wasco- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and feedback

Mark Hutchins- Wah-wah snare drum.

Recorded circa 1996 at Hermit Village, Henry St.  NYC


Swollen Ocean


  Thirteen years on the swollen ocean  
  Longest stretch that my eyes have ever seen  
  Epileprosy in slow motion  
  Padded walls that are staggered at the seams  

Blood in the swollen ocean

  Blood in the swollen sea  
  Had a dream my right hand was severed  
  Had a dream that my daddy's grave got robbed  
  His bones were plastic  
  His heart was missing  
  Fishing hard 'round the strange humor of God  

Blood in the swollen ocean

  Blood in the swollen sea  

coppyright 2004 Jay Wasco






















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Album Stuffed and Motorized


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Stuffed and Motorized (full LP) 
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