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A Cornucopia Of Pain
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  From the  
  Johnny Skilsaw  
  Written by Jay Wasco   Copyright 2004  
  Jay Wasco - Swiss Army Bass, vocals, feedback & guitar  
  Mark Hutchins - Octapussy, vocals  
  Recorded at Hermit Village, Henry Street, NYC circa "96  
  Tweaked at The Cottage in Easton CT  
  Engineered by Mark & Jay  
  A Cornucopia of Pain  
  Well I woke up feeling small  
  Beat my head against the dirt  
  But it never seems to harm enough  
  Smashed my fingers in the door  
  But it always leaves me  
  Jonesing  for the kind of pain  
  The world can spill  
  I left my house today  
  in search of all the sorrow I could get  
  A cornucopia of pain  
  A cornucopia of viciously excruciating pain  
  So I went out with a frown  
  Staring at the hopeless cement boxes all about.  

I'm so sad and fucking old

  Everything they said to me  
  Never made it through the din  
  I'm heading home tonight  
  In search of all the horror  
  That I could get  

A cornucopia of pain



Copyright 2004 Jay Wasco

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