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    Deep Dark Red
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Written by Jay Wasco
Copyright 2004
From the  Johnny Skilsaw
"Blood Lead"  LP
All Instruments & vocals by JW
Recorded at 164 east 37th street NYC circa 1998













Deep Dark Red




Deep dark red
Scarlet stone
Burning and chilling me to the bone
Just a falling rose praying for wind
Grab it by the thorns and bring it home

Red deep dark red

Wall of stone
I'm praying for the wind to make it go
I pray for wind until I die
I'm screaming into the frozen sky

I'm slipping into the red

the red the red the deep dark red the red
Slipping into the red
The deep dark red
The deep dark velvet red

She rides unbridled

With a sickle in her hand
The scarlet harlot's drawing
all the blood she can
Red deep dark red

Red deep dark red

Scarlet soul
Thunder clouds are on the roll
Ain't it great to be alone?
I'm trying to squeeze water
From a stone

Copyright 2004 Jay Wasco

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Deep Dark Red  (single)
Blood Lead (Full LP)
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