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  blast from the past "lead"  yes this song kicks ass  - swiss army bass version of the tune from "blood lead"


introducing the fractal harp jay wasco  


fractal harp videos
fractal harp sonata   2008  fractal harp /grazioso volante
ron auber   joey crifo
pics from stp shows 2008


flying shelsons

the best day i ever had                                  

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    "jg thirlwell has turned the idea of the remix album on it's head with vein. to regard vein as purely a remix album is to underestimate its intentions and ambitions. this is not love remixed, it is love fractured and reimagined by some of today's most notable artists .

-" jay wasco has created an overture, blending musical elements and recasting and juxtaposing themes until it becomes like a broadway opus with an explosive prog coda.

- fennesz has distressed and granulated the track "pareidolia" into a textural dream.

- mike patton unshackles "how to vibrate" like the monster from the host mud-wrestling with hans zimmer on the set of a dario argento film."           


due out october 16th - foetus "vein" from birdman records


i'm happy to say that the good folks over at  have stumbled into my site and are using some of my material here in one their extremely entertaining internet broadcasts -- the next one entitled "top 20 weirdest instruments" -  check the promo towards the end of "top 5 samplers" -  

  new videos - a version of elton john's "levon" on egotar & my own, "effortlessly" on swiss army bass
  you should be listening to "mozart's " k563 divermento from jay's "classical shit" performed by jw
 .... or download here


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