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  Through the years I've spent in recording studios, I've discovered some cool ways of making feedback none of which involve electric guitars. My favorite thing to do is to plug a Sure 57 microphone into a distortion box into a multi FX box into whatever else into a stomp box compressor into the board or an amp. At any volume this setup is sure to do some squealing. If you hold the microphone in close proximity to your mouth and change the shape of your armature (A-E-I O-U)  you can control the pitch of the feedback. you can also use this setup as a method of filtering other tracks by simply routing them to a speaker (preferably large headphones) in close proximity to the microphone and your mouth. there's no end to the fun-fun-fun. Your neighbors will hate you







A: Microphone  

B: Headphones 

C: More headphones (stretch eyes apart with fingers to view additional headphones)

D:Boom box(yeah, its missing from the picture too

E:Guitar amplifier (just pretend that the hammer here is a marshal) 

F: Hammer (I  so wish that the hammer had something to do with any of this) 

F: Duct Tape 

G: Any multi fx unit

H: Distortion Box  

I: Stomp box compresser







All of the Johnny Skilsaw stuff on this site is drenched with feedback made this way. Some of the time it sounds similar to Theremins, guitars, keyboards, tripped out tape loops or soundscapes.


As frustrating as it is to describe, this technique is indeed it's own "instrument"


You can hear it prominently in the intro's & throughout these tunes


Death Of A Cynic

Midnight Dragon

Midnight Hanged Man

Big Bad Bounce

A Cornucopia of pain

Mrs. Mercury

Swollen Ocean

Carnal Sleep